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About VainGlory Game

VainGlory is one of best Mobile Games in the market which is a MOBA Game developed by Super Evil Megacorp Company. And it is available for Android and IOS. In this game, it is very funny to play, because you need to have three players as a team to fight with your opponent so that you can protect your building and destroy your enemy base. You can operate your path that is guarded by enemy. During this fight, you can get some extra resources for control points. And this game For IOS is released by November 16, 2014. Till now, the Android Version is available. So why not try to play now?

About VainGlory Hack

Today, I will offer you VainGlory Hack Tool that is a online-web tool that will help you to generate unlimited Gold, ICE and Glory without any cost.This tool is well-designed by our team. You don't need to download anything with 100% Safe. Of course, it is compatiable for All Device, such as Android, IOS, PC and More. It is very simple for all of you to use that has helped a lot of players to get what they want to get. So We are proud to allow you to get our VainGlory Hack Tool Online Now.

About VainGlory Hack Tool Online Features

  • Unlimited Ice
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  • About How to Use VainGlory Hack Tool

  • Visit Our VainGlory Hack Online Page
  • Enter your username/Email of VainGlory or Google ID
  • Choose the amount of ICE and Glory you want to generate
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  • After completion of our process from our server, you need to finish our human verification.
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  • About Vainglory Build Guide - How to Build OZO

    Ozo is a jungle hero has just appear in version 1.14 and now you can buy Ozo with glory. So many gamer are not from familiarity with this hero.

    Today, i will show you how to build Ozo with weapon power and crystal power.

  • There so many building style in weapon but i will show you the way i ussually use for Ozo. Hope this help, let’s get start!

  • Sorrowblade
  • The most power of Ozo depends on basic attack, so you need an item can increase physical damage like Sorrowblade

  • Serpent Mask
  • Another basic item, Serpent Mask is one of the most important item for Ozo. Although it don’t increase much physical damage but it can helps Ozo stay alive in battle, especially if you are already dealing lots of weapon power damage.

  • Breaking Point
  • Breaking Point in this version is very effective against physic damage moves fairly widespread by the stack area when dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. Combining with Serpent Mask, breaking will make Ozo is powerful hero in every combat.

  • Bonesaw
  • Like Breaking Point , you can increase stack up breaking borders rivals very easily thanks to the skills of the Three Ring Circus widespread .

  • Tension Bow
  • It’s so sad to said that Three Ring Circus nearly impossible to deal crit damage. Crit damage items seems to be not effective with Ozo. However, another item can replace crit damage items so well is Tension Bow. It deal 180 bonus damage every 6 second of basic attack – it’s not a small number in combat.

    Please note that you can mix 5 items above. You don’t need to use all in match. You can use 3-5 items base on enemies build their heroes.

  • Crystal Power
  • For some experiment in version 1.1.4, i see that Ozo seems to be not powerful with crystal build. However, base on the indicators that we can also choose 2 core items can make Ozo show his potential.

  • AfterShock
  • Skill Three Ring Circus of Ozo max level has 5 second cooldown and duration of attack also was 5 second. This will help you can use Aftershock repeatly to enemy.

  • Broken Myth
  • An item that always accompanies with Aftershock Myth is Broken . With rapid cooldown , Broken Myth seems to be very useful when combat occurs by the stack will be built up rapidly and OZO will became surprise towards the center of battles .

    There are some items beside the crystal item above like ShatterGlass or Frostburn also can be used to increase CR (Crystal Ratio) for Ozo, or Eve of harvest can increase lifesteal to heals you for a % of crystal damage dealt.

  • Finally
  • Above are some of the core items to build for Ozo. You can base on it to creat different ways and build Ozo with the logical way.



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